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Humberto & Czarina Lopez.

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When Humberto S. Lopez was 12, his father died unexpectedly, closing the door on the world that had been his. Gone was his comfortable life as the son of a successful rancher in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. Gone were the days when his mother could care for her six children without worrying about how she would feed them.

The Lopez family moved to Nogales, Arizona, to live with their maternal grandmother. Lopez, the oldest of the children, worked hard as a young boy to feed the family. He saw no way to escape unless he took advantage of an open window-education. That, he determined, was the key to the future.

He had washed dishes, dug ditches, worked the fields and bagged groceries soon realizing that without an education his future and prospects of a better life would have been very bleak.

Losing his father at such an early age, Lopez learned to cope with, and eventually create, a new reality. "I probably would not have been so driven to exceed if I had not had a good lifestyle and then gone to poverty," he reflects. There is a dicho - a proverb or truism - in Spanish that says, "Hay que aprender a perder antes de saber jugar." (One must learn how to lose before learning how to play.) In effect, that is what happened to Lopez.

He initially enrolled in Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona, where he received an associate's degree in 1967. He then earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from The University of Arizona in 1969.

Why did he choose accounting? "It was the first course I took, and I liked it," he said.

Humberto and Czarina Lopez

Armed with a college degree, Lopez took two more important steps toward the life he wanted: First, he married Czarina Montano of Nogales, Sonora, a young woman he had met during his UA student days. Second, he decided to begin his career in Los Angeles, not Arizona.

His first job as an accountant was in the audit department of Deloitte Haskins and Sells, where he developed an expertise in the real estate field. It was during this time that Lopez launched his own investment company, borrowing $1,000 for a real estate purchase. He then reinvested the $3,000 profit from the first piece of property, parlaying that into a $5,000 profit.

The investment chain had begun.

In 1975, Lopez teamed with Glenn Toyoshima, CPA, to form HSL Properties. Within four years, the company had investments in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Georgia. By 1980, with HSL Properties thriving, Humberto and Czarina decided it was time to move the family from Los Angeles to a smaller community. They chose Tucson, Arizona.

"Our only daughter at the time was 10 years old and we wanted an environment that lent itself in knowing the parents of the friends our daughter would grow up with and Tucson was the perfect place," he said

In the meantime, HSL Properties continued to prosper. Today, the company is the largest apartment owner in Southern Arizona and owner of numerous Tucson hotels...

In addition, Lopez is chairman of the board of Paragon Vision Sciences, the world's second largest manufacturer of rigid polymer disks, used to make flexible contact lenses. He is a member of the board of directors of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, Santa Barbara Auto Group, Arizona Public Service, Suncor, and the Bank of Tucson.

Czarina also quickly became instrumental in a number of Tucson causes. Her past involvements have been: Tucson/Mexico Sister Cities, Tucson Museum of Art League, Open Inn, Angel Charity for Children, La Frontera Center, Steele Memorial Children's Research Center, Las Familias, Friends of the Cancer Center, Parseghian Medical Research Foundation, Salpointe and St. Cyril's Foundation and the Center for Integrated Medicine. She currently serves on the following boards: San Miguel High School, Tu Nidito, Catholic Community Services and the Catholic Community Services Foundation.

This profile, however, does not represent the sum of Humberto S. Lopez. Rising from a life-changing experience as an adolescent, he is more than a business success story and family man. One of his many other descriptors are that of philanthropist. Lopez believes that philanthropy includes not only the dispensing of resources to charity, but also giving of one's time, energy and expertise.

In particular, Lopez supports causes related to education, health and welfare. His extensive community service includes several board memberships at The University of Arizona and throughout the Tucson community. His efforts have been recognized by numerous organizations, including the Father's Day Council, City of Hope, the Tucson Hispanic Council, The University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni Association and the Tucson Chamber of Commerce.

The HS Lopez Family Foundation is a reflection of values that were developed early in the life of a young boy. "It isn't about making money any more," Lopez said. "It's about making a difference."

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